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Project Management Mastery

Last Updated: 2020/12/6

Author: Sam Lam – Business Manager

What is Project Management? Why do you need it? Is it useful for you? We will know more about project management – it is the purpose of this short article.

What is a Project?

A project is temporary – it has start and end. For example, you want to prepare a dinner. The start time is morning today (you might need to buy and prepare food), and the end time is dinner time tonight.

Next, project requires goals, and is expected to produce some outputs. Using the dinner example again, your goal might be preparing a perfect dinner for your family – let them happy. And the dinner is produced.

Under this definition, we (OriginBit) customizes high quality website for a client, is it a project? Yes! You might want to prepare a cup of tea, is it a project? Yup! Your plan to travel with your wife? You know the answer.

As a result, mastering project management means mastering life management. This is why we all need project management.

What is Management?

In general, management means: using a set of methods and tools to control the situation, you target to achieve certain goals. For instance, time management – via some methods and tools, like setting timetable, you can control time use better and enhance productivity.

So, what is Project Management?

From explanation above, project management is: via some methods and tools, within certain time range, you achieve the project goals.

Next critical question is – how? What are the methods and tools? Below we provide a framework.

The Framework

  1. What are the project goals? What is your expected end? Write them down! Make sure your goals are clear, specific, time-bounded, measurable, practical & reasonable.
  2. What are the obstacles and difficulties?
  3. What are the information, knowledge and skills required? How can you get them?
  4. What are the people, organizations and groups required? Where can you find them?
  5. What are the resources and cost required?
  6. What are the deadlines?
  7. Step by step, sequentially, what is the todo list in order to achieve the goals?
  8. What are the priorities?
  9. How can you assign the responsibilities and what is the quality standard?
  10. Do you have a schedule?
  11. How can you monitor the progress?
  12. Any concern?
  13. Do you have a backup plan?
  14. How can you improve? Is there a better way?

Next time we will look at more examples!

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